Hello, Ths distributor is located back by the distributor. Inspect out the diagrams (Below). You re welcome let us recognize if you need anything else to get the problem fixed.

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my fuel pump stop working.I"ve replaced it but still won"t work. Looking through my publication a little closer I discovered that if the oil push switch goes out it will certainly shut off power to the fuel pump. What I need to know is where the oil push switch is and also the challenge in changing it. Or might there be one more problem? Fuses and also relay is good.

carry out you hear the fuel pump come on for 2secs when crucial at operation position. If not check fuse and also fuel pump relay.The fuel pump and also oil push sending unit is situated on ideal side that engine


Engine mechanical problem1997 Chevy S-10 4 cyl 2 Wheel Drive hand-operated My fuel pump has shut down and the truck wont start. I"ll revolve the key but can"t hear any whirring native the fuel tank. I"m make the efforts to inspect my bases prior to draining the tank and also pulling the fuel pump. Would certainly the oil pressure switch totally shut down the fuel pump or cut the press in some other way? ns was called to inspect the oil push switch, is there a means to inspect it or carry out I simply replace it?
Oil press switch would not shut off fuel pump, yet the fuel pump has actually a an additional route with the oil pressure switch. If the fuel pump relay goes the end the pump will certainly then run with the oil pressure switch after the engine it s okay oil pressure. This outcomes in extended engine cranking time prior to the engine will start. Have actually you inspected every fuses, inertia switch (if equipped), relays and also wiring prior to going in for a pump replacement? Repalce her oil press sending unit. Many thanks for using tennis2007.org. Com!
I have a 97 s-10 4.3 we changed fuel pump and relay now truck wont begin cranks over tough starts periodically wondering if oil press switch is problem
examine the fuel pump and oil press sending unit this is the one the powers the fuel pump as soon as the engine fires up.
i am having a difficulty w/ the oil push switch I have actually all ready put in a new one and also I still acquire the same result. The oil push gauge is every the method to the right. I also replaced the fuel pump, ecm or computer, and the fuel relays. I replaced the fuel relays in the gloves box I assumed there may be fuel relays in another location but I can not uncover them, room there relays in another place as well as the glove box? ns drove the truck to my home a month earlier and gained it come start around a week back but now it turns over but will not start. I understand a great amount around cars but this one is relay providing me problems I cant number out what ns am missing. Do you understand what can be leading to the oil pressure gauge to simply stay stuck to the right prefer this?
hello there, friend will have to very first check that the oil pressure is v in specs through a mechanical gauge, if the is ok, the problem will it is in in the wiring, begin here.Mark (mhpautos)
wherein is the oil push sending unit on my truck provided above (2.2)? Also, if it is negative would this do it display no push on the gauge?
See listed below for location.Check the oil pressure with a mechanically gauge, if normal replace the oil pressure switch. If abnormal might mean oil pump and also engine bearing.
The sending unit is ~ above the ideal rear side of your engine. If it were poor then girlfriend would show low or no oil pressure. However to be sure placed a mechanically gauge on the engine to watch if the is correct or not.
Hello, below is what the book saysOil press Switch (2.5L/4-151): RH behind of Engine, Under ManifoldOil press Switch (2.8L/V6-173): reduced LH next of EngineOil pressure Switch (4.3L/V6-262): RH rear of Engine please let us understand if you require anything rather to obtain the trouble fixed.
I have actually a Fuel Problem, Started as soon as the fuel pump died. Changed the pump, Cleaned up the ground. Pump does not come on at revolve of key. Dad said could be oil push switch. Where is it and how execute you examine it? I have actually switch roughly the relays under the hood and in gloves box. Did not assist still no pump noise. Any suggestions?Thank you.
When 1st key top top fuel pump have to come on because that a min if not inspect wiring and also connector plug Fuel Pump/Oil press Switch located On ideal side the engine, behind alternator.
I have actually a 1993 chevy s10 through a 2.8L engine in it. The oil press sensor go out out of the next of the motor and also I changed it. Currently my concern is just how come as soon as I replaced it and also plugged it up up the fuel pump came on also when the ignition was off and the crucial out of it and didnt revolve off until I unplugged the oil push sensor. Deserve to someone please help me.
Sounds prefer you have actually the wrong sending unit, it had two terminals reversed once it to be made, or the plug is in backwards.GM had actually some systems that ran the fuel pump turn off a terminal top top the sending out unit as a safety cutout. If the auto was in a crash the ruptured a fuel line, there would be no fuel press so the engine would certainly stall. Once it stalled, there would be no oil pressure so the switch in the sending unit would rotate off and turn turn off the fuel pump. The would prevent it from pumping raw fuel onto the ground.
so why is the fuel pump coming on and staying ~ above as lengthy as tht sensor is plugged up even when the ignition is off? additionally the truck wont also start due to the fact that that oil push sensor went out and also I changed it.
i agree v doc on the truth that you likely have either a poor or the not correct oil sender. It is provided as a redundant power supply because that the fuel pump yet it IS no a low pressure reduced off. The does not have the capacity to interrupt the fuel pump, it can only strength it in the instance of a relay failure.
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My Fuel Pump Went the end I need The Diagram because that The Fuel Pump Relay Switch. That Still will certainly Not Start. No strength To The Pump.