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Note:Includes: Butterball 98% Fat free Smoked Turkey Breast; 95% or more fat free; pressed; smoked; turkey or chicken chest from deli; healthy and balanced Choice

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There are 59 calories in 2 slices that Deli Turkey or Chicken breast Meat.
Calorie breakdown: 15% fat, 17% carbs, 68% protein.

Other common Serving Sizes:Serving SizeCalories
1 cubic inch 15
1 part (1 oz) 29
1 cup wafer slices or shaved 84
100 g 104
Related types of Turkey Breast:
Turkey chest Meat and also Skin (Fryer-Roasters, Cooked, Roasted)
Turkey breast Meat (Fryer-Roasters, Cooked, Roasted)
Turkey breast Meat
Turkey breast Meat and Skin (Cooked, Roasted)
Turkey breast Meat and also Skin
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Related varieties of Turkey:
White Turkey (Deli cut Rotisserie)
Ground Turkey
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