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Where is the starter relay situated at on this car? ns cannot it seems ~ to uncover it. Starter has been replaced and it still has problems starting sometimes.
RE:If im not wrong it must be located on the starter. Are you having the problem that periodically the car doesn"t want to revolve on and also sometimes the does?
No its not there, I"ve already replaced the starter on the car. Do 93-2001 Altimas not have actually starter relays? I can never uncover the one on mine 94 altima either.
Im not sure, yet check under the hood. There should be 2 black box looking under the hood(fuse box). One top top the appropriate side and one top top the left. If the altimas do have actually a starter relay they should be located there.I"l check after that and tell friend by morning if there in reality there.
Allright, thanks. I"ve checked both relay boxes under the hood, and have not checked out anything labeling "starter relay".
I know it"s been a couple of months due to the fact that this post and also maybe you"ve fixed the difficulty by now. I just went v this with my "99 auto...there are a couple of other things come check, if the difficulty is in the manage circuit...ignition switch, ignition relay, ignition fuses in the fuse box inside and also under the hood, inhibitor move (neutral safety and security switch), anti theft relay #1 under the hood, and the shifter itself. It demands to it is in aligned through the linkage, or else the inhibitor won"t have the ability to be properly adjusted.

Hello. The police simply returned my steal car and also now it won"t crank. I bought a brand-new battery and a brand-new ignition switch and also it still won"t crank at all. I want to jump the starter relay to check out if it"s the starter the is no working however I cannot discover the starter relay anywhere ( 1997 Nissan Altima ). The owner"s manual say"s nothing around it either. Is the starter relay given one more name,ie, anti theft relay or other?

Where is the starter relay situated at ~ above this car? ns cannot seem to find it. Starter has been replaced and also it still has actually problems beginning sometimes.
If the car has an A/T, the PNP switch is situated on the driver"s next attached come the A/T case. It"s linked to the shifter linkage.If the automobile uses one M/T, the clutch interlock relay is located inside the relay box in the engine compartment top top the passenger"s side; here"s a picture:


Sorry don"t know what your talking about. Your shop talk abbreviations elude me. Ns think it"s time to buy one more car.

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