I have actually a 1995 chevy silverado Z-71 and sometimes after beginning and putting right into drive, it appears that the emergency brakes is on but it isn't. The acceleration is hampered and likewise the speedometer doesn't work. The gear change indicator isn't lit, but, the various other dash gauges and lights work. Is this one ABS problem, a negative sensor, or computer chip? many thanks

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inspect your speed sensor in the transmission and se if the wires room broken/chafed and grounding out. Examine the light because that the gear transition indicator. Likewise check the VSS and also buffer below are the locations. Check out the diagrams (Below). Please let us recognize what happens.


I adjusted the backlight bulbs in the instrument cluster that were melted out, currently the speedometer does not work, the other gauges work and the lights I placed in carry out not work. That is no a cable speedometer, so i am at a loss. Aid please.

The first thing ns would try is a VSS vehicle speed sensor ns have likewise seen the buffer go out below are the locations. Examine out the diagrams (Below). You re welcome let us know what happens.
I relocated the dash bulbs I replaced and changed sides, the side that was working currently is out and also the side that was the end is now working, i think ns may have actually damaged the published circuit plank or a fuse. For this reason I got a supplied cluster tho nothing. Then I replace the buffer all collection thank you.
mine speedometer in my 94 Chevy 4x4 van is walking nuts. It says I'm doing 85 while stopped at a light, periodically goes prefer a windshield wiper, and then occasionally works OK, but occasionally bounces a bit. Appears to work ideal when air temp is cool and also worse as soon as it's hot.Since the infection is tied come the speed sensor, it has had actually trouble choosing a equipment when walking uphill, often selecting the greater gear.I replaced the speed sensor critical weekend, yet it's still exhilaration up, and also seems come be obtaining slowly worse. I had the transmission liquid replaced about 3 weeks earlier (it was black!), and the trouble started about 10 work later. I don't know if it's related.
I had actually a 1994 chevy through the very same problem. There is a control module behind the dash board. Each one of these boxes is produced each truck. The speedometer won\"t work-related unless you have actually this box sent in come GM and also have the rebuilt ns guess. I never ever did cuz it to be to lot of a hassle. I just knew that as soon as the tac to be sitting in ~ 2200 i knew ns was going around 70. Good enough for me. I hope this aided a little bit
I had actually my auto electrician look at it. He replaced the tool console, however no dice. Every the wires space good, so he claims it\"s the buffer. Ns guess we\"ll find out what happens once he gets the new part in.

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i was control the van at common city speed about 40 mph, and on a slim incline when the infection felt prefer it downshifted for a slim second. At the point, the speedometer quit working and also the truck only had 2nd gear. Reverse works fine together well. I limped home in 2nd, maintaining it under what felt like 45 mph because I had actually no speedo. Looked at it today and also found a couple things that space confusing. Transmission fluid looks and also smells fine. Found a vacuum heat coming indigenous the height of the transmission hanging there severed, however have no idea wherein it need to go to in the engine. Also looked in the Haynes hands-on which reflects diagram because that the TV cable, yet I am not seeing it or any remnants the it. I have actually a 5.7 liter engine and also I assume I have a 700R4 transmission. Need to recognize if the TV cable could have fully been \"ripped\" away, or if perhaps it go not also have one. Additionally need come know around that vacuum line and what that does if anything. And of course require to acquire some clues around the speedometer. No cable for this reason it have to be electronic. Would quite not take it right into a infection shop if that is other minor.