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Hey guys, fine I\"ve ran into one more snag. Therefore while driving one day, I started to loose power. Once I would press the gas it would bog down. Currently its dead and wont start. I have narrowed it under to the fuel pump and thank god my fuel pump is externally mounted. So i tried to cut some corners and also just stated screw it and replaced my fuel pump. Well transforms out ns not acquiring power to mine fuel pump therefore the fuel pump is good. I have searched and found the end that the fuel pump fuse is located under the hood. Well thats wherein the trouble is... It is supposed to be alongside the wait box.... And its no there. The just thing the is over there is this...
If it renders a difference, that the 1989 EB execution 351W. Whereby else might that fuse/relay be? What else carry out you males think it could be?

I to be going to peril a guess
that it is in the fusebox in the snapshot under the spot labeling Fuel Pump. I have a 1986 which is located differently, yet if I recognize what you space looking for, your fuse box shows up to be labeling in the spot friend predicted. What am ns missing?


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see the EEC relay too?Fusible link A-Brown 18ga come Rear home window Defroster; W-Blue 20g come Fuel Pump Relay; N-Blue 20g to EEC strength Relay; F-Blue 20ga to Trailer; Y-Blue 20ga come N.C.; L-Brown 18ga come ?; M-Brown 18ga come ?;G-Blue 20g to Exterior Lamps, Trailer; P-Blue 20ga to ?; & J-Green 14ga to Alternator as displayed in Wiring diagram in an 89 Source: through Seabronc (Rosie, Fred W) at Ford Bronco region Forums========87-89; Fuel Injected Engines - \"...Two electric pumps
are offered on fuel injected models; a low pressure rise pump placed in the fuel tank and also a high push pump an installed on the car frame. The low pressure pump is provided to provide pressurized fuel to the inlet the the high press pump and helps protect against noise and heating problems. The externally placed high pressure pump is qualified of supplying 15.9 gallons that fuel an hour. Device pressure is regulated by a push regulator mounted on the engine==================Low-Pressure In-Tank Fuel Pump for \"84-89 EFIs
The fuel pump is a motor through an impeller assembly, much like one oil pump, so it will allow fuel to leak backward into the tank as soon as it\"s no running. This actions is crucial to the procedure of the dual-function reservoir. Inexpensive aftermarket solenoid-stlye fuel pumps perform not permit fuel come leak backward, and so inhibit the DFR. By Ford via Steve83Pump, Filter, & Single-Function Reservoir parts Break-Out diagram in 84-89 Source: through Steve83 (Steve, the dirty old truck) at ====FP check & Diagram in ~ the Diagnostic connect Connector in 84-95; \"...Connect FP Relay to any ground to force the fuel pump(s) on once the crucial is in RUN...\" Source: by Steve83 (Steve, that dirty old truck) at Sequence; \"... When the ignition move is ON, it transforms the EEC power relay ON. The EEC strength relay provides power to the powertrain manage module (PCM) and the control side of the fuel pump relay. Power for the fuel pump(s) is offered through a fuse connect or high present fuse attached to the starter solenoid (battery side). From the fuse attach or high existing fuse, existing flows through the fuel pump relay and also inertia move to the fuel pump(s). When the ignition switch is turn ON, the fuel pump(s) will certainly operate. If the ignition move is not turned to the START position the PCM will shut the fuel pump(s) off after 1 second. The PCM will operate the fuel pump(s) as soon as the ignition switch is rotate to START position to administer fuel while cranking. After the engine starts, the PCM will proceed to operate the fuel pump(s) uneven the engine stops, drops below 120 rpm or the inertia move is trippedThe inertia move is situated in the cab, normally under the dashboard top top the best side; or behind parking brake assy. It is designed to open the fuel pump power circuit in the event of a collision. The move is reset by pushing each of 2 buttons on the switch simultaneously (some models usage switches with just one reset button). The inertia switch should not it is in reset until the fuel system has been inspected for damage or leaks.\" (under license from Delmar Publishers, combo that Chilton/Nichols/Delmar & Haynes); some might be incorrect, as reported by Seabronc, many thanks Seabronc! new SITE URL!!! must REGISTER come VIEW; pick year, make, model, engine size and go to proper section Source: through Chilton via AutoZone