my big red seems to begin working chin pretty tough at 40 or for this reason mph. Seems favor i only get to give it quarter throttle in any type of gear if i dont wanna over rev it, is that normal? i know it aint a rate demon however i feel choose it have to go 45 there is no a sweat. And i was also curious if the trx 250 and large red re-superstructure the exact same tranny and engine, rear end,carb and also such.

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what dimension tires are you running?? does the sound prefer like it"s slipping or simply overrevving?if you are talking about a 86-87 trx250, yes this two equipments are the same..
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^^ Agreed,,slipping clutch/clutches. And assuming her BR is 85,,there room MANY small differences transparent the whole driveline. Native the starter and gears,oil pump,tranny right earlier thru the diff. However replaced as a unit,they mostly work together. The 85"s have a 3/16 lip approximately the diff housing,left side,the more recent ones are flush,both hubs are different,swingarms space different... My neighbors 86 TRX level layed the on my huge Red,,I had actually probably 50? lbs on him. Yet there is def a gearing distinction ! I"m suspect he"s placing a whooping on your BR ? lol
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my big red is a 86, and this fourtrax 250 is additionally a 86, i simply purchased the today(the quad) after acquiring responses top top this thread, the fourtrax is stated to have had a shave head, but if the was ns honestly barely feel a difference, possibly 2hp. Yet anyways the trx is a little quicker, ns was driving it home and also as shortly as i got in the drive method the former left tire rolls ahead of me (new 3 wheeler yay
).... Bearings to be shot. Speak about great luck might of been a nasty wreck on the trails. However thank you all for the info.
Please help those who cannot help themselves.ALWAYS purchase Museum high quality machines,3 and also 4 wheels. And any and ALL ,NOS parts,EVERY brand.I am turning my PM"s Off,my email is billsracing

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