After an error-riddled debut set, 1982 Fleer baseball cards had actually the hefty burden of developing a better reputation because that the understanding newcomers.

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Uh … well …

The plan sounded good, but the execution had some flaws — lackluster design, dark and also grainy images, lots of errors (still).

Even so, there to be plenty of hall of reputation star power and also a bevy of high-profile rookies to save collectors interested.

Today, this most beneficial 1982 Fleer baseball cards highlight a set that gets tiny love however is still component of our cardboard history.

(Prices based upon recent eBay sales for PSA 9 cards. And, by the way, this set had part doozy error-corrected combos — no going to include those below … perhaps later.)

1982 Fleer Cal Ripken Jr. Rookie card (#176)

This card reflects young Cal was standing tensed in the field, more than likely waiting because that a round to it is in smashed his way, given the unfamiliar place designation under the photo — third BASE.

Of course, Ripken would quickly take his location at shortstop, helping to turn the position into a viable landing place for big, strong players.

In short order, Cal won the 1982 American organization Rookie the the Year award, the 1983 AL MVP, and a World series with the Orioles under Joe Altobelli in 1983.

That rookie season (1982), Ripken would likewise begin the games-played streak the eventually lugged him appropriate to Lou Gehrig’s doorstep.

Today, this grainy RC is a $35 card in graded MINT condition.

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1982 Fleer Lee smith Rookie card (#603)

Smith had to wait for bit to join Cal in the room of Fame, however he to be another big dude who helped change his position throughout the 1980s and 1990s.

Along with hurlers like Rich Gossage, Rollie Fingers, Bruce Sutter, Dan Quisenberry, and also others, blacksmith crafted the picture of the closer together the late-inning, shutdown guy who finished off gamings for his team.

Usually through mound-born intimidation.

It no hurt Smith’s reputation that he was part of that 1984 Cubs team that lastly won a division title.

Expect come pay around $15 because that Smith’s Fleer rookie map (PSA 9).

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1982 Fleer Nolan Ryan (#229)

Ryan is going to sit close to the top of the worth list for just about every set he shows up in, and also that holds here for 1982 Fleer.

This card reflects The Ryan express pitching against a pole barn background with a military rucksack at his feet.

I nothing know.

I do know this card will collection you ago around $10 in PSA 9.

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1982 Fleer Pete climbed (#256)

Rose led the significant Leagues in access time (140) in 1981 at period 40, and also in games played (162) in 1982 at age 41.

Those were the last 2 times Charlie Hustle was tops in any semi-major categories, however he was prepared to take it dead-aim top top Ty Cobb’s all-time hits record.

After picking up his 4000th safety and security in 1984 with the Montreal Expos, Pete headed earlier to the Riverfront to wrap things up through the Reds.

Before that, though, and before he dropped from grace, Pete doffed his cap and also let his caveman locks flow almost everywhere this 1982 Fleer card.

You deserve to usually find it this day for under $7 in PSA 9.

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1982 Fleer terry Francona Rookie map (#188)

Tito Francona to be a well hitter in the 1950s and also 1960s, so his kid Terry came to the Majors in the early on 80s through at the very least a tiny hype.

Terry had actually a turbulent time duplicating Dad’s success, however he did spend ten year in the Majors before embarking ~ above his managerial career.

That’s wherein Francona started to shine, and it was under his management that the Red Sox finally got end Babe Ruth and broke your World collection “curse” in 2004.

Today, this Tito’s rookie map sells because that $5-10 in PSA 9.

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1982 Fleer Reggie Jackson (#39)

By the moment this card experienced the irradiate of day, Reggie was gaining ready come debut for his brand-new team, the California Angels.

In Anaheim, Jackson would success the 1982 AL home run crown and assist the Angels capture the AL West title.

That makes this the last Fleer card reflecting Jackson with the Yankees, and it lines increase in the $5-10 variety (PSA 9).

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1982 Fleer Rickey Henderson (#92)

Rickey had actually served notification that he to be an elite speedster by topping 100 steal bases in 1980.

After the strike-torn 1981 season, Henderson came out through his jet on fire and also saled previous Lou Brock’s single-season record on his wan to 130 steals.

Henderson’s route to Cooperstown was set, and also he would never look back.

This map from his record-breaking season sells in the $5-10 selection for PSA 9 copies.

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1982 Fleer Mike Schmidt (#258)

Schmidt had actually won both the 1980 and also 1981 NL MVP awards and also looked poised to win one more in 1982 when this map debuted.

If no for Dale Murphy’s breakout through the Atlanta Braves, Schmidt would have nabbed that 3rd piece of hardware, too, but he’d need to wait until 1986 for that.

By that time, he was pretty much universally related to as the game’s best 3rd baseman, and also he was a understanding staple.

This is about a $5 map in PSA 9 today.

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1982 Fleer Dave Stewart Rookie card (#24)

Stewart hold the dubious distinction of winning 20 games four seasons in a row as the A’s constructed a mini empire in the late 1980s … without ever to win a Cy Young award.

That didn’t keep collectors native digging his RCs the end of commons bins when he broke out at age 30, though, and this Fleer version sells for about $5 in slabbed MINT condition.

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1982 Fleer Tim Raines (#202)

Raines always sort of played in the zero of Rickey Henderson, check in as the 2nd best base-stealer and second best leadoff hitter the his generation (if not all-time).

The obscurity that Montreal didn’t aid his fame, either.

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But Raines is a room of Famer and a $5 member the this list (PSA 9).

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