Your Liberty 5 dollar gold coin value is at least $405 each. With nearly a quarter of an ounce of gold in your coin. It creates a very high base price.


It"s simply the beginning since the worth of yellow is only among a few factors influence the precious of her coin.

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The very first is the date and mintmark. There are plenty of scarce and rare dates scattered transparent this renowned gold coin series. The value chart pinpoints these rare dates separating them indigenous the common.

So what is the most complicated value aspect to get right?

An accurate assessment the the condition of her coin, know as "Grading." it affects her Liberty five dollar gold coin value in ethereal but significant ways.

For example, the Liberty $5 gold coin pictured is rare because of that is "Uncirculated" condition. This coin is easily worth end $437. Exactly how to grade gold coins is extended in more detail below.

Liberty five Dollar yellow Coin value - What certified dealer Pay

It is clear from the value chart, relying on the date, mintmark, and how well your coin is maintained the value can fluctuate indigenous a few hundred dollars up right into the thousands.

The over are the Liberty five dollar yellow coin value. Computed native dealer"s price lists and also auction results with assorted mark-up components figured in. They reflect very closely the worth you would expect to receive when selling.

Variations in value do take place subject to ethereal grading points, collector demands and also dealer needs.

Your Liberty five Dollar yellow Coin worth is Conditional

The value chart reflects all yellow coins are scarce and many space rare. The fact is couple of have made it through until today. That is additionally striking exactly how easy the is come underestimate your value. Particularly the coins in better condition.

Should you identify your coin is a common date don"t stop there. The following chance for intensified Liberty 5 dollar gold coin worth is the problem of the coin. Compare you coins to the "grading" image below. Uncover the nearest match. Usage the grade to uncover the highest possible value ~ above the chart.

Examine very closely the hair detail. Proof of wear shows up here first. The "About Uncirculated" coin shows the little touch the friction ~ above the high clues of the cheek and also hair. The "extremely fine" grade has actually seen more action and shows the result. Worn details and less collector appeal.


The many sought ~ coins are "uncirculated" examples. If girlfriend feel any of her coins room close to uncirculated, have actually them evaluated. Because of the rarity, high value and also expertise associated most yellow coins are sent out to a grading service.

Collectors and dealers take into consideration PCGS and also NGC together leaders in coin grading services. Seek their advice. They both authenticate and grade her coin. The tiny fee friend pay provides assurance girlfriend understand and also receive the complete value of your coin.

It is additionally helpful to recognize grading a coin is not specific science. That is her opinion, dealers and also collectors have actually their own opinions... And also they deserve to all differ slightly.

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By touring various other sites, girlfriend find, many rare coin dealers encompass the NGC or PCGS assigned great in your listings. Follow their lead. Her Liberty 5 dollar gold coin worth is secure discovering the specific grade.

More value in recognize the Mintmarks


Mint marks suggest the branch mint that produced the coin. Liberty five dollar gold coins have a long history with seven different mints involved. Other than for the Philadelphia mint all put a "mintmark" top top the coins castle produced.

It is fine worth your time locating any type of mintmark on her coins. Often they bring a premium. One example highly seek by collectors is the "CC" mintmark indicating the Carson City, Nevada mint. Their low mintages and also scarcity today makes finding one a challenge. Depending on need, the variety of coins developed varied significantly from year to year and from mint come mint. Find the mintmark ~ above the reverse of her Liberty five dollar gold coin just below the eagle. Following is a list of mints and their marks.

C - Charlotte, north Carolina D - Dahlonega, Georgia (only until 1861) O - new Orleans, Louisiana S - san Francisco, California CC - Carson City, Nevada D - Denver, Colorado (after 1905) No Mintmark - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Collector demand is the Wild Card

The Liberty 5 dollar gold coin worth is a direct result of collector demand. This coins are famous today but not hugely so. The is a lengthy running collection covering countless years. To complete a repertoire is well past the reach of most collectors. Together a result, important scarce coins with tiny surviving numbers room affordable today. If Liberty 5 gold experiences any type of increase in need values would absolutely climb higher.

What to do? You have the beginnings of a beneficial collection. Every old yellow coins room scarce, perhaps develop a collection. If the is no for you, one strategy is to sell all your coins and also buy one important nice rarely coin. One you and also your kids could admire. One come pass under to the kids.

Don"t be in a hurry come decide. Her Liberty 5 dollar gold coin value is stable. Handle your coins gently and by the edges to help preserve them. Continue your coin value discovery.

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